Bonded Composites

Open your own mouth, and take a look at your own white fillings, (if you have any)...can you tell which are white fillings and which aren't?

You shouldn't be able to tell which one is a filling. Even a white filling.

Composite resins. Bonded restorations. White fillings. Tooth-colored fillings. This procedure goes by many names. But let's face it. It can either be a simple filling or a multi-dimensional, complex, hand-layered white bonded veneer on front teeth. Did you have any front fillings to fix an old chipped tooth? Does it look like it could use a new one? Especially in front teeth - it requires hand-layering of several shades and opacities of resin to mimic the three-dimensional qualities of natural teeth.

Any dentist can drill a hole into a tooth and stick some white putty like material into it, slap his thumb over it and give it a little elbow grease and call it a "filling" but let's be realistic here. We pride ourselves on doing absolutely gorgeous, life-like, meticulous white restorations which don't even look like anything is there.

This is where many dentists fail. Fillings, especially white fillings, are becoming so common that it is accepted as bread-and-butter for dentists. But it takes real attention to detail to create a white filling that is beautiful, functional, and becomes an unnoticeable part of you. The techniques are very sensitive and require absolute attention to isolation, bonding technology, your bite (or "occlusion"), and polishing techniques, as well as anatomical considerations of what a tooth REALLY looks like. Not to mention there are HUNDREDS of different chemical varieties of composites. Is your dentist using the right one for the situation? There is truly a benchmark for those dentists who really care and those who are just doing another "filling."

Check out our real treatment before and after photos and see for yourself.

There is a big difference between basic dentistry that does the "job", and mimicking Mother Nature. Dr. Vinh often takes before and after high-resolution photos of her work, even some of her most mundane white restorations deserve a photo documentation. White fillings are so useful, for treating decay, masking discoloration, for veneers, and for restoring an unneven bite scheme temporarily to see if the patient can tolerate it. You have no idea the potential of today's composite resins.

Fountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CAFountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CA

Fountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CAFountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CA


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