Botox is now approved for the treatment of TMJ Pain and teeth grinding. It is used often as an adjunct to a nightguard. By carefully depositing small amounts of botox into the muscles of mastication that bring the teeth together (and cause damaging teeth grinding and clenching) we can treat chronic headaches, reduce further teeth wear, prevent cracked and fragile teeth, and reduce tension headaches. Dr. Vinh has been certified to place botox in certain areas and has been very successful. Your treatment is individualized and photographed. Our pricing per unit of botox is also very competitive, and Dr. Vinh's botox patients usually become loyal regulars. Botox is also a wonderful, cost effective, and most non-invasive way to treat what we dentists call a "gummy smile", in which you show way too much gums when you laugh or smile. Botox is also a wonderful way to treat those pesky "smoker's lines" around the mouth, caused by long-term lip puckering during smoking. Botox is reversible, safe, and not permanent. 

Juvederm is one of the easiest, most affordable, and most instantly gratifying anti-aging ways to beautify your smile. Juvederm is a type of synthetic youthful component of young skin called Hyaluronic acid and collagen, and when deposited in careful and conservative ways into your smile you can have full, natural, lush lips, as well as reduced lines around the face. Research from the dermatology also shows that your skin cells detect the presence of Juvederm as a signal to deposit more of their own collagen and elastin, thus you tend to need less and less with time. People are afraid of lip injections because they are sensitive, but Juvederm comes with anesthesia within it and Dr. Vinh also administers local anesthetic so you really do not feel a thing. Whether it's a little bit more natural fullness or full-on duck lips you want - we can help you! 

Bottom line: dentists are in a unique position to beautify your smile using these wonderful technologies from the world of dermatology and plastic surgery. We already are skilled at giving dental injections. Except here you won't have to get anything drilled after! 


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