Concentrated Growth Factors

Concentrated growth factors, or CGF, originated from the medical world of orthopedic surgery, and involves drawing your blood and spinning it in a special medical centrifuge at our office. (Yes it is really high-tech!) The centrifuge is specially set so that it seperates the red blood cells from your white blood cells, fibrin, platelets, and specialized "growth factors", or small molecules that create growth of new vessels and tissue. The CGF is great because it's natural, (it's from your own body, so you can't reject it), it's organic (nothing more organic than coming from your own blood), and it's VERY affordable (it only costs $200 to 250 per draw). We then combine the CGF with your surgery procedure, such as bone grafting, implants, and extractions, in order to create FAST healing and SUCCESSFUL bone grafting. If you youtube "sticky bone", (it's nickname) you will see what we are talking about. It's not a common technology, and Dr. Vinh worked very hard to incorporate it into her office. We are proud to offer it to you!

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