Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The Full Mouth Rehabilitation. What does this mean, really?

All-on-four. Implants. Dentures. Crowns. Veneers. Bridges. Whitening. Deep cleanings. Fillings. Onlays. Inlays ... all, or in part!

First of all, not everybody needs it. Many patients come in thinking, (and saying, very emphatically), "ALL my teeth are bad, Dr. Vinh!" Pull them all out! So very often, (around 90% of the time) this is NOT the case! A full mouth rehabilitation can mean you haven't been in a few years, and you're anxious to know what's going on. And you need routine dentistry - like cleanings, (maybe a very thorough one), maybe some cavities filled, crowns, or maybe a bad tooth needs to come out and we need to think about how we're going to replace it. You would be so surprised at what just a few routine visits can do to completely change your well-being and sense of freedom from the anxiety of thinking your teeth are "all bad."

For some individuals however, their teeth truly are in need of major repair or revision or even complete replacement. The process to complete this transformation can take months to even years depending on what's needed. (they didn't get that way overnight so we can't expect to fix it overnight, right?) But one thing is always for sure: Dr. Vinh is committed to a meticulous process to get you healed and smiling and enjoying your favorite foods, taking selfies, and your self-esteem.

For more complex cases, it all starts with connecting with your team here at our office. We want to know your expectations, your dreams even - when it comes to your smile transformation. Bring in your old photos of your teeth when they were spectacular (if you have them!). Bring in photos of celebs and people whose teeth you love! The more detailed your expectations are, the better we are equipped to meet them, or at least, the better we are able to tell you whether we can realistically achieve them.

The first thing you might ask is, "how much?" And sometimes you have an idea of what you might need, or maybe you're on your second or third opinion. You've done some research, read some horror stories on Google. (Bad idea, by the way! The Internet LOVES sensational stories!) Your first thought is, "how much is this going to cost me?"

Personally, we wish we could tell you right away, the exact dollar amount, down to the penny, right off the bat. But oftentimes, for a complicated and multi-specialty plan, that might not be possible. We CAN tell you how much it will cost for us to find out. This is a fixed fee and allows us to take the tremendous time outside the office to plan your treatment. Oftentimes Dr. Vinh even has to meet outside the office with a team of specialists to discuss your case. Like in complex surgical cases in medicine, you might need a plan that doesn't just require fillings or veneers. Sometimes we have to analyze what you currently have, and WHY you have your condition. There IS a cost for this type of planning, and we can talk about that with you when you see us. Like an archaeologist unearthing a dinosaur, oftentimes they have to just dig up the whole thing before being sure of what to do next! (this is the best analogy we have now. If you have a better one, let us know!)

The first clinical steps involve:

1. A conversation. What do you want to achieve?

2. Data gathering. This involves full x-rays, a survey of the your gum health (called "periodontal charting")

3. More data gathering. This involves a full set of photos. And we will probably take some records, such as an impression of your teeth and other essential measurements.

4. A diagnostic wax-up of your proposed transformation. This is where the doctor and her technician will work together to create a "mock-up" to simulate what might be your future smile. This diagnostic wax-up does come with an out-of-pocket cost and it is absolutely CRITICAL to the appearance of your future smile! If you require a lot of work, we can seldom skip this critical step.

5. A one-on-one presentation of our plan for you, where you will look at your photos, your wax-up, and your x-rays in an easy-to-understand format with Dr. Vinh in what is called the "transformation proposal." Just like Chip and Joanne on Fixer Upper when she sits down with the couple to go over their future home remodel, we do the same with you in terms of the step-by-step process, timeframe, and most of all, - the COSTS! Your case may be so complex that you might even need to see a specialist (or two!) so your dental dream team can create your smile to perfection.

6. Once you have all the information you can make your decision on whether you'd like to proceed.

7. We take your treatment one step at a time, systematically prioritizing dentistry so that your smile becomes transformed as expeditiously as possible. This is where you will really bond with us.

Remember: it's your mouth, your teeth, your health, and most importantly, YOUR SMILE!!! We are so excited to be a part of this life-changing journey with you. This discussion is just the tip of the iceberg.

We're with you, every step of the way.

Fountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CA

To get a beautiful smile, sometimes it takes a LOT of careful planning, dedication, and patience. And the reality is, sometimes it does cost a lot. However, it is always worth it. How much is your smile worth to you? We LOVE transformations, and we're HONORED to be a part of this journey with you.

Actual photos of Dr. Vinh's patients

Fountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CA

We start with a conversation. A friendly, open, honest, one!!

Fountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CA

Full set of x-rays are often needed to see pathologies inside teeth, gums, and the jawbone.

Fountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CA

Dr. Vinh often works with a certified dental technician to plan your smile, often BEFORE any treatment is actually done.

Fountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CA

The mock-up of your future smile is often done BOTH digitally and in a model you can touch and feel.

Fountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CA

The mock-up is transferred to your mouth on the day of your treatment (not often all teeth, sometimes it's just one or two, or three, or more) and we will plan the final restorations from this blueprint.

Fountain Valley Dentistry in Fountain Valley CA


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