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Dr Chris is the best!
A phenomenal experience with this practice. I required a crown on my front tooth, the most cosmetic of all crowns. From the initial consultation, I had confidence I was in safe hands.
The customer service was so fantastic. After getting a temporary crown, which was expertly crafted and gave me confidence to smile between visits, my crown came back from the lab but it wasn't to my liking. The doctor stood over his work and ensured a specialist got everything perfect to my liking before redoing the crown.

I honestly can't recommend this doctor enough. He is a likable, personable expert who cares about his work and reputation. Anyone who meets the man will instantly spot this.

The girls in the office are great also. their work and care while I was in was first class.
I am delighted to have chosen this practice for what was a nerve wracking procedure for me.

5 stars!!!!!!"


"I'm so glad that I found this practice! I always leave Dr. Nora and Dr. Chris' office satisfied, they truly do care about their patients. They answer any and all questions with honesty and provide excellent service. I got my fillings done recently and Dr. Chris made sure to check in on me to make sure I was ok and comfortable. The staff is AMAZING as well, they are happy/quick to assist and are so professional."


"I was in need of a root canal on the very back tooth up top. I live in Anaheim but was working in Fountain Valley. The pain had gotten unbearable and I could no longer take it, my jaw was quivering in pain...I needed to feel some sort of relief. So I decided at that moment to get it extracted. I googled "tooth extraction near me" and this office came up. I called and luckily they were open..the one time a month that they open on Saturday's!!! I called and explained my issue and they told me to come right in. When I walked in it felt as though they were waiting for me. I filled out some paperwork and was in the chair within 5 minutes. Dr. Chris WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! He was so nice and made me feel like I was in good hands. All the girls in the office were so kind. Dr. Chris extracted my tooth in about five minutes. I'm so happy he was my dentist."


"My experience today could not have been more comfortable or successful, botht he Dr. and assistant did such great work on my front tooth. Stephanie made it so I can smile!”

“My experience today was very pleasant. I was a litle afraid to visit the dentist’s office, but everybody made me feel comfortable. I also like to say the fees are very reasonable.”

“I am very happy and grateful for the fantastic job done on my mother’s teeth, and my own dental work as well. I look forward to many years of “basic dentistry!”

“I loved my experience w Dr. Nora and staff. they are all very friendly and really know how to take care of you and make you feel comfortable. they do a fantastic job and are very professional. I am very satisfied with the work I got done and am very pleased to bring my family here next time.”
- L.S.

“My experience was excellent. I had a lot of fun here and it was fast. Dr. Nora is very nice and great person. I look forward to bringing my friends here. The staff is great. very friendly, very professional. I appreciate them a lot.”
- R.S.

“I am 90 years old. Wear complete dentures. When I lost last remaining bottom teeth because of infection I was told that the only way to hold my bottom denture in were with implants because of my receding gums. After the doctor relined my bottom dentures it fitted perfectly. No more popping out when talking, coughing, or laughing. I can eat nuts which I used to spit out. No more wobbly dentures. I am completely happy. Will forget about implants for awhile. Thanks a million, Doc. Your’e great!”
- H.T.  

"I can't remember ever having said this before, but my recent trips to my new dentist, Dr. Nora Vinh, have been fun. I now leave that office with not only the with the satisfaction of a better set of teeth in my mouth, but also with a smile on my face. Dr. Nora has that rare combination of excellent technical skill and the outgoing personality that immediately turns the patient into "one of the family". With the addition of her pleasant and helpful staff, and the state-of-the-art dentistry tools in her hand, I would not hesitate to give her complete dominion over my teeth. Although it might not be too original, I can safely say, "You're in good hands when you're in Dr. Nora's hands".

As an example of her quest for perfection, she recently cut out a temporary cap on one of my teeth expecting to replace it with a new crown, but on observing that this newly made crown had just the slightest color difference from the adjacent teeth, she instead opted to send it back for recoloring, necessitating the construction and installation of a second temporary, and another couple hours of her time. And the match is now perfect.
Her incorporation of miniaturized camera and x-ray equipment gives patients visual pictures of what the problem is and what it looks like after her repair. And of course, her non-stop verbalization of every step in the process adds to the confidence that she really knows what she's doing. And she does it all with the utmost care for the comfort of the patient. I wish her the greatest success in growing her practice, and in her continued efforts to both advance her helpers and inspire future generations."


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