Keeping our teeth their whitest is a lot harder than it sounds. With all the coffee, wine, smoking and other foods that have the ability to stain our teeth on a daily basis, even proper maintenance sometimes leaves them a little lackluster.  

The problem with over-the-counter products is that they tend to work for a little while, then your teeth change back to their old yellowness. The problem with Zoom whitening (or any other gimmicky one-hour whitening) is that your teeth are dehydrated and exposed to a high-intensity UV light so the bleaching chemicals penetrate just the outer surface of the enamel. Barely. Your teeth appear chalky and white, but they are really just dessicated. Zoom has proven itself to be a scam over and over again, not to mention harmful to your lips and gums, because the UV light has consistently caused painful burning and scarring. We do not offer Zoom. 

We use ONLY KÖR Deep whitening. A proprietary customized regimen developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, a dentist, who was frustrated with his lack of options for long-lasting, effective, and DRAMATIC whitening. Not all dentists offer KÖR. It is both a take-home AND in-office regimen, depending on your level of severity. It is the ONLY system that works. It is the ONLY system that works for the long-term, and your teeth STAY white with just routine and spot maintenance. Everything about the system is proprietary, from the custom trays (made only by the KÖR lab), to the impression material, to the detailed usage instructions, is designed for optimum whitening. KÖR is different because it's gel is kept cold from its manufacture to its shipment to our office. We keep it cold in a freezer, and you are instructed to go home and keep it in the fridge until you use it. KÖR also has extremely generous volumes of gel, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Finally, and MOST importantly, KÖR is the ONLY formula that penetrates into the dentin, or the inner, second layer of your tooth underneath your outer layer (the enamel). You see, your tooth yellowness and staining isn't on the OUTSIDE. Over the years, all that stain actually steeps into the INSIDE of your teeth. Therefore, it cannot be undone in just one hour or even one hour for two weeks. The inner layer, or the dentin, is like a leather substance that soaks up staining like a sponge. It's THIS inner layer that shows the true color of your teeth. Enamel is actually translucent. Therefore, your whitening gel MUST penetrate into the dentin, and this takes TIME and a special technology only KÖR can offer. That being said...

However, KÖR isn't for everybody. It takes discipline and dedication to stick to the regimen. Please consult with us to see if you are able to do KÖR whitening. 

An actual patient of Dr. Vinh's after the KÖR regimen


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